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Exam Archive
Exam Archive
Professor Eric E. Johnson
Professor Eric E. Johnson
Professor Eric E. Johnson
General Advice
Torts I essay questions (covering negligence and healthcare torts, plus intentional torts as of 2014)
Torts II long-form essay questions (covering strict liability, products liability, privacy, defamation, and business torts, plus intentional torts through 2012)
Torts II new short-format essay questions
Torts II long-format essay questions
Multiple-choice questions (for Torts I & II)
For several MULTIPLE-CHOICE QUESTIONS, along with many short-answer problems, see these documents from Sales 2016:
Intellectual Property
New 30/45 short-format essay questions
Long-format essay exams for IP
Multiple choice questions for the IP course
Exams for non-survey courses
multiple choice and essay: Patent Law 2006 Practice [PDF] (←not recommended for my IP students)
answers: Correct multiple-choice responses [PDF] (←not recommended for my IP students)
Media & Entertainment Law:
Antitrust, Bankruptcy & Consumer Law:
Sports Law:
Employment Law:
Other public, online law exam archives:

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