These are selected materials from various years. I hope these materials will be useful to students and teachers at other schools. My current students should use the current year's class webpage for the materials relevant to the current year's class.


Torts: Cases and Context is an open-source/open-access casebook with explanations, examples, cases, problems, and questions. Creative Commons license: CC-BY-SA 4.0. Originally published in 2015-2016 by CALI eLangdell, a second edition has been released in 2019.
Second edition: Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 (2019)
First edition (on CALI website): Vol. 1 (2015) & Vol. 2 (2016)
Torts Compendium is an old casebook comprising an anthology of readings without notes, questions or problems. Creative Commons license: CC-BY-NC-ND 3.0 U.S.


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Note: These are selected slideshows from various years.

Anderson v. Cryovac documents (summary judgment papers, order, and trial plans):

Group Outlines:

Note: These are classwide group outlines - called "wypadkis," compiled by students in various years.

for Torts I (negligence, plus various subjects):

Finalized Wypadki for Fall 2014 [pdf] [doc] [docx]
Finalized Wypadki for Fall 2011 [pdf]
Finalized Wypadki for Fall 2010 [pdf]
Finalized Wypadki for Fall 2009 [pdf]
Finalized Wypadki for Fall 2008 [pdf]
Finalized Wypadki for Fall 2007 [pdf]

for Torts II (various subjects other than negligence):

Finalized Wypadki for Spring 2012 [pdf] [doc]
Finalized Wypadki for Spring 2011 [pdf] [doc]
Finalized Wypadki for Spring 2010 [pdf] [doc]
Finalized Wypadki for Spring 2009 [pdf] [doc]
Finalized Wypadki for Spring 2008 [pdf] [doc]