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Earl Sneed Centennial Professor of Law, University of Oklahoma College of Law
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Prof. Eric E Johnson's videos about law
Videos for law students and bar takers. Filmed in New York, California, Europe, and the most dangerous place of all ... my office. I talk about law. Hijinks ensue.
IP  Surveyor book covers
Open-source casebook for IP survey courses.
A Creative-Commons-licensed, modular, multi-volume anthology casebook compiled from writings of various authors plus newly written content. Volumes now available: Copyright, Patent, Trade Secret, and Trademark.
scattered bluebooks and scantron sheets
Exam booklets from past courses.
Exams from Torts, Intellectual Property, Antitrust, Sales, Employment Law, and more.
Torts: Cases and Context
A comprehensive open-source torts casebook.
Museum of Intellectual Property
The tangible history of intangible property.
Physical artifacts from the cases that define the law of copyright, patent, trademark, and other fields.
How is law helping or hurting the fight against COVID?
A series of informal gatherings to issue-spot legal impediments and opportunities.
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Ultrahazardous Immunity poster

Hiding the Ball poster

Intellectual Property and Disability poster

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