Intellectual Property Surveyor
Museum Edition 1.0
Open source anthology for IP survey courses
Compiled by Eric E. Johnson from writings of various authors
Copyright volume book cover Patent volume book cover Trademark volume book cover Trade Secret volume book cover


This is the homepage for a project to provide an open-source anthology of materials for an intellectual property survey course.

Open-source licensing:

Please see the information on pages 4-7 of each volume as well as the particular licensing information in individual chapters. In brief, for the Patent, Trademark, and Trade Secret volumes, the license is CC BY-SA 4.0 for the substance of the book, with an ND restriction when the Museum Edition indicia and cover art is included. The licensing for the Copyright volume is more complex. For requests beyond the terms of the included licenses, please feel free to contact me.

Volume: Copyright

(Linked above is the most up-to-date release, Version 1.01, which fixes minor typos.)

Volume: Patent

Volume: Trade Secrets

(No printed paperback version offered currently.)

Volume: Trademark

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